The color of cabinets you choose for your kitchen will determine how elegant your kitchen is. Some colors are known to get dirty easier than others, and hence you need to be careful when choosing the color for your kitchen cabinets. There are various kitchen cabinet colors on the market today from which you can choose depending on our preference.

Perfect color for kitchen cabinets



This is by far the most popular choice if the area of the cabinet will be decked in black, white or grey. Such custom cupboards normally complement your kitchen’s elegant look or coordinate with your modern home perfectly. This makes white cabinets a versatile option which makes them last long regardless of the style, and the number remodels by the homeowner. Their limitation is that they easily get dirty hence if you have small children then you should be ready to scrub the cabinets often. This is especially if the cabinets are placed in areas with high traffic. The color also easily shows dents and dirt as compared to other colors.


Black cabinets usually add some sleek look to modern homes. The color does not show every fingerprint or smudge, and hence you can only wipe them down you have time and not because of dirt. Custom black cabinets, however, tend to show scratches just like their white counterparts or even more. They are not as versatile as the white cabinetry and can complement modern styles. They may not be preferable if you need to change everything to traditional styles during remodeling.


This seems to be a little bit outside the box which makes it a popular choice. Rather than going for white or black, gray gives you a chance to showcase your unique style and personality. Custom gray cabinetry is also a perfect combination of the advantages of both white and black. Grey, for instance, will coordinate well with different schemes of decoration. It will also not hide dirt easily like black does and at the same time not show it easily like white. Kitchen cabinets made of gray give a perfect balance between the downfalls and benefits of white and black colors.


homeleftsdfghjhgvWooden kitchen cabinets come in various colors, and the same basics of the other colors apply to the shade you choose as well. Darker woods for example show scratches easier but may not show dirt. Lighter shades of wood are more versatile and are used for long since they coordinate well with every remodels. You should consider the type of wood you use. Harder woods are preferred since they are durable.

When you design your kitchen cabinet the right way, then you can express your personality and style through the detail of your home. This way your kitchen and home gets to look even more elegant.…