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Most offices have an office kitchen where employees make tea or even have lunch breaks. It is probably one of the most used rooms in an office since everyone needs to eat at some point. A kitchen, therefore, needs to be kept clean as a messy kitchen could be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and germs. Such a situation is even worse than in a home kitchen because an office kitchen involves many different people thus infections can spread faster. Here are simple steps to keep the office kitchen clean.

Clean the Floor Frequently

The floor of an office kitchen is likely to often get dirty in the course of the day because of the number of people walking in and out and food and drinks spillage. It is, therefore, necessary that the office kitchen is cleaned several times in a day to keep it clean. It is best if the cleaning is done when the employees are not using the kitchen to avoid accidents in case of a wet floor.

Set Up Kitchen Rules

Rules help in ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them. If you do not have kitchen rules, create some and ensure that everyone is aware. You should also have a copy of the rules posted in the kitchen where everyone can see. The employees should also be mindful of the consequences of breaking the rules.

Assign the Office Kitchen Duties to Someone

kitchen workerWhen a given task has not been assigned to someone for supervision, it is hard to ensure that the task is done effectively. Give someone the duty of always providing that the office kitchen is clean or assign the cleaning work to a reliable contract cleaning company. Alternatively, create a kitchen cleaning schedule where the employees will be tasked with maintaining the kitchen’s cleanliness during specific days. It is essential to hang such a schedule in the kitchen so that you do not have to keep reminding the employees as to who needs to do what and when.

Clear the Fridge Regularly

Fridges in office kitchens tend to be full of sometimes forgotten or abandoned leftovers which may rot and make the kitchen have a foul smell. It is thus essential that the fridge is cleaned and cleared at least once every week and neglected or perishable food is thrown away.

It is also important to thoroughly clean other kitchen appliances such as a toaster, microwave, coffee machine, etc. on a daily basis. Ensure that the appliances are run through maintenance regularly to ensure that they do not break down and cause inconvenience to the employees.

Do Not Accumulate Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes should be cleaned as soon as they are used. This ensures that the kitchen remains neat and that there are enough clean utensils for other employees to use. The utensils should also be stored neatly and not left on countertops. After cleaning the dishes, the countertops should also be wiped down in case of any spillage.

Maintaining the cleanliness of an office kitchen shouldn’t be hard. With these simple steps, you will have an easy time achieving this.…